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Vines cultivated  
  The canton of Ticino cultivates above all red wines. The red vines amount to 98 % of the wine production in the Ticino.

Amongst the red vines, the Merlot (which originates from the Bordelais) represents 88 % of the production. Next in line are the Pinot Noir, which is cultivated up to 500 m altitude, and the Bondola, an autochthonous vine from the Sopraceneri. The latter is commercialised under the appellation "Nostrano", the typical red wine in the Ticino. Some other vines are produced for table grapes and the famous Grappa.

The cultivation of white vines is very limited (2% of production). They are mainly the Chasselas, Sémillon and Sauvignon, all used in blending.Wine-growers in the Ticino are no different from those in other regions, full of passion and on the outlook for diversity: some of them therefore cultivate very small surfaces of Kerner and Chardonnay.

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