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  Pinot noir

This is a remarkable vine, whose early maturing permits its cultivation in numerous regions. High-quality production requires lean and not overloaded grapevines. Over-maturity and rot adversely modify the colour and typical character of the wine. This vine is cultivated in numerous local selections (Cortaillod, Oberlin, Valais, etc.) and clones (Wädenswil, numerous French clones) which are well adapted to regional needs (requirements of quality, early maturity, regularity of production, still wine and effervescent wine, etc.).

The rot resistance of some of them (Mariafeld) seems sometimes to be prejudice of the delicacy of the wine. This is the most important vine in the Valais. Originally from Bourgogne, it was introduced in 1848, and was known as Dôle until 1942.
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