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This vine has been selected among the numerous descendants of a crossing of Gamay with Reichensteiner in which the majority of red vines had some very interesting features: colour, early maturing and resistance to rot. It is very fertile, almost as much so as the Gamay. It is possible to dress this vine short in the zones where the risk of spring frost is low. The Garanoir matures early, which is why it must be reserved for the relatively cool zones of the vineyard. In the more favoured locations, its grapes often fall prey to birds and wasps. On maturity, it generally remains firmly attached to the stock. It is vinified red and it produces a colourful, subtle and fruity wine, sometimes slightly unbalanced when the level of acidity is too low.

In blends, it seems to complement rather well the Gamay, or even the Pinot Noir in some cases. The mixture of Garanoir and Gameret also produces goo results.
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