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This vine has been selected in a major series of crossings of Chasselas with Chardonnay. The purpose of this was to obtain a vine close to the Chasselas. The sought-after result was a vine more regular in yield and richer in sugar than that of the Chasselas, a low acidity as well as a wine of pleasant character but with not too pronounced a bouquet. The Charmont caters well to these various requirements. Compared to the Chasselas, it produces slightly less, but more regularly. The sugar content of the Charmont musts is on average 10º Oechslé higher and their acidity is equal to or lower than that of the Chasselas. The wine of the Charmont is better than that of the Chasselas when it comes from good vine-growing locations or when the grape is very mature. It is then fairly close to the Chardonnay, but still without always having its elegance, for lack of acidity.
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