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Klingnau - Döttingen
This is a very nice walk that takes you along or above the Aare. At Klingnau take the direction towards Döttlingen on the road which moves at the bottom of the vineyards and which takes you to Chunte, Tegerfelden and Rängg. At Tegerfelden you have a magnificent view of the plain of the Aare. Continue towards Cholgraben. When you reach the region of Grüt, the vineyards come to an end; turn around them and go towards Belche, Seridenloch and Flüe. Move along the upper parts of Klingnau crossing the vineyards and, completing the loop, get back to your starting point.

In this vineyard white and red wines are cultivated. They are very typical and well structured.
Duration : 3 h - 4 h
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