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Ouchy - Chillon
Exploring the vineyards of the Lavaux on foot is like crossing places coming out of a teasing bag. You may feel lost being on these steps for a giant, suspended above the Lake Geneva in a scenery of a comedy.

For the complete crossing of the Lavaux vineyards (from Ouchy to Chillon) a good walker will need a full day. However, the Lavaux may also be explored in two or three days in shorter segments with extended stops in the magnificent villages along these vineyards.

The most important part of the Lavaux vineyards is between Lutry and Corsier. If you take the train from Lausanne to Berne, get off at La Conversion and walk down to Lutry. But you can also start at Lutry where the regional train from Lausanne towards the Simplon stops.
Duration : 1 day
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