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Maisprach - Buus - Wintersingen - Sissach
From the centre of Maisprach the road takes you to the school and then on your left through the vineyard 'Sünnebärg'. After having crossed the road to Zeiningen walk through the vineyard 'Rötti' until you reach the forest 'Zum Schönenberg', then keep to your left so that you reach the vineyard 'Laig' which belongs to Buus. A clearly marked road takes you along the forest to the vineyard 'Im Berg'. If you are thirsty, stop at the Restaurant Rössli at the beginning of Buus. Thereafter follow the road to the old quarry from where a path leads to the vineyard 'Paradies'. Keep to your left towards Breitfeld, Staufen and Höchi. Descend some 300 meters and you will reach the path that leads to the vineyard 'Widholde' where you will find the only 'Räbhuus' in the Oberbaselbiet. Move across fields and pasture land to the vineyard 'Roti Räb' and then through the forest to Wintersingen.

At the Restaurant Traube a road climbs about 100 meters up to the 'Höchi'. Along the vineyards of 'Alpbad' and 'Zegli' you will reach Holden and then Sissach.
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