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Coppet - Lausanne
The vineyard of the Coast lies between Coppet and Lausanne. Its heart is between Begnis and Aubonne. You will need five good hours to explore it on foot. You will walk through a slope covered with vines and surrounded by forests. It’s a walk through a splendid sea of vines with the clouds in the blue sky representing the foam of the waves.

The itinerary is well marked and follows bitumen agricultural roads. If you start in Begnis, the itinerary takes off after the roman church on the ‘Chemin de Cottens’. You will cross or move above villages with charming names, such as Luins, Vinzel, Bursins, Gilly, Vincy, Tartegnin, to finally reach Aubonne. You will discover magnificent viticultural villages. As you go along, and if you get a little hungry, do not hesitate to taste the local speciality the ‘Malakoffs’.To return, you can use the public transport that calls on all the villages you have crossed.
Duration : 5 h 00
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