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Sion, Champlan, Uvrier, St-Léonard, Lens, Loc, Villa/Sierre
From the highest point of the city (Platta district), take the very steep path that to the Bisse de Clavau. You will siscover a magnificent walkway, constructed in the 15th century, that crooses an imposing panorama. During the early stage, you will pass impressive terraced vineyards.

After the Molignon vineyard, you head on to St-Leonard (the biggest underground lake in Europe). From this village, head up through the vinyard, and you will reach Flanthey, Vass, St-Clement and Ollon.

You come out above Sierre through Corin. While coming down again towards the town, you cross the Loquette and Bonne-Eau Falls. To the northwest of the town of Sierre, you come to the Castle of Villa, with its restaurant that serves local Valais specialities.
Duration : 4 h 00
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