The vineyards and wines of the Valais
The vineyards and their regions
Vines cultivated
Wine-growers and vintners
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The vineyards and their regions  
  Upper Valais up to Loèche included 4 %
  Varone-Salquenen 5 %
  Sierre and neighbouring villages (Venthône, Mollens, Randogne, Miège, Montana, Veyras, Chippis) 12 %
  Granges, Lens, Chermignon, Chalais, Grône, Nax 9 %
  Sion, Nendaz, Vex, St-Léonard, Uvrier, Ayent, Grimisuat, Savièse, Salins 24 %
  Conthey, Vetroz 11 %
  Ardon, Chamoson 11 %
  Leytron, Saillon, Riddes, Saxon 12 %
  Fully, Charrat 8 %
  Martigny and Lower Valais 4 %
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