The vineyards and wines of the Valais
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Bicycle rides through the vineyards  
  A good cyclist will need one day to ride through the Valais vineyards (about 120 km). To facilitate this discovery, we cut the itinerary into four routes. It is up to you to choose them according to your liking. The routes depicted do not always follow the signposts of the official cycling itineraries.

A peculiarity of all the routes is the reining wind, which blows from West to East. At times, it may blow from East to West, but this is rather rare. These prevailing winds are sometimes very strong in the early afternoon and can spoil the pleasure. Therefore, be pragmatic. Rather than riding towards the wind, take the local train and get up to the vineyards with the wind behind you.
Martigny - Sion

Sion - Sierre

Sion - Martigny

Sierre - Loèche

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