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Vevey - Lutry - Grandvaux - Riex - Blonay - Vevey
The proposed itinerary is rather challenging and needs well-trained legs. Leaving Lausanne, follow the ‘Route du Lavaux’ that runs along the lake towards Vevey.

When you reach the Léman BP petrol station in Lutry, turn to your left and follow the road climbing towards Grandvaux until you reach the ‘Route de la Corniche’. Follow on towards Riex, Epesses, Chexbres and Chardonne. From there you have two possibilities: if your legs still allow it you can continue to climb up to the Mt-Pélerin and discover its panorama. Otherwise, go towards Corsier and Vevey and return to Lausanne along the ‘Route du Lavaux’. However this is a road with heavy traffic and if you wish to avoid it, you may also return along the itinerary taken so far, you will discover the opposite side of the scenery.
Duration : 60 km
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