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The vineyards and their regions  
The 176 ha of the vineyard of St. Gallen are made up of two main regions, the Rheintal and the Oberland, and two smaller regions, Rapperswil/Jona and Bronschhofen/Wil. Most of the vines are on steep slopes. At Porta Romana, below Pfäfers, there is the highest located vine in Eastern Switzerland (at 750 m).
In the Rheintal and the Oberland, the vineyard is influenced by the warm Foehn winds that are very beneficial for the vine cultivation. Certain plots on steep slopes benefit also from a good exposure to the sunshine. The climate of the vineyards of Rapperswil and Jona is influenced by the proximity of the lake of Zurich.
The vineyards have mostly molasses-type soils, of moraine origin and with a schist structure.
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