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The vineyards and their regions  
The 1494 ha of vineyards are divided into three regions:
  • The right-hand shore of the lake of Geneva (864 ha) which includes the ‘Mandement’ (with Satigny as the biggest viticultural parish of Switzerland) as well as the vineyards of Céligny and Collex-Bossy
  • Between the rivers Arve and Rhone. 347 ha are covered by the villages of Bernex, Lully, Confignon, Soral and Laconnex
  • The left-hand shore of the lake of Geneva (283 ha) with the slopes near Meinier, Choulex and Jussy.
Each of the regions has its own specific microclimate due to the mild influence of the lake. As the mountains are relatively far away, there is plenty of sunshine. The mild and inclined landscape facilitates the growing of vines with a keen and refined taste.
Originally a glacier, the breaking up of the Geneva vineyards reflects the whole diversity of the clayish or sandy soils.
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