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The vineyards and their regions  
Some 110 ha of vineyards are split over the two half-cantons of Basle Town and Basle Country, with the latter one making up most of the surface. The vineyard is very broken up with many small plots. Despite the northern location of the canton, the cultivation of the vine is a very old tradition. More than two centuries ago, wine was subjected to taxes in the same way as the Gabelle was imposed on salt and there was a tax on postal services and capital funds. The vineyard of Laufonnais, which is very close, belongs to the canton of Berne.
As for all northern regions, the Basle vineyard takes advantage of microclimates without which the cultivation of vine would not be possible.The Klustal (Chlus and Aesch) is very well protected and the local wine-growers even cultivate vines that require more demanding climatic conditions.
The soils are rather calcareous due to the proximity of the Jura.
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