The vineyards and wines of the Lucerne
The vineyards and their regions
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The vineyards and their regions  
The 25 ha of the vineyard are divided into 4 regions:
- the Seetal between Aesch and Hoherain
- the region of Lake Lucerne
- the Wiggertal
- the Sempachersee/Surental
The modest surface of the vineyard has the advantage of allowing a common policy of cultivation. The whole vineyard has adopted the 'Label de la Production Intégrée' a cultivation method that preserves the environment and the fauna.
The regions of the Seetal and of Lake Lucerne benefit of the proximity of the lakes and their role in regulating the climate. The Foehn winds too have a beneficial influence. The Wiggertal has a special microclimate because it is the warmest and driest region of the canton.
The subsoil is of moraine origin and has a high lime-stone content.
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