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The vineyards and their regions  
The 650 ha of the vineyards extend over about 40 km between Vaumarcus and Landeron. They are divided into three main regions:
  • La Béroche from Vaumarcus to Bevaux
  • The Coast from Cortaillod to Neuchâtel
  • The region ‘Entre-deux-Lacs’ which lies between the lakes of Bienne and Neuchâtel as its name suggests.
This is a windy vineyard with a rather dry climate that nevertheless enjoys about 1700 hours of sunshine in a year. The climate is influenced by the lake, which means that the winters are mild and there is mist in the autumn. The vineyard is oriented in the most favourable direction climatically.
The soil is calcareous that originates from the Jura. Most of the vineyards has light and stony soil, however there is also some marly and heavy soil. Of course the vineyards close to the coasts are of alluvial origin.
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