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The vineyards and their regions  
The 480 ha of vineyards of Schaffhausen are divided into 5 regions:
  • the Klettgau is a table-land plateau and includes the villages of Hallau, Oberhallau, Trasadingen, Gächlingen and Osterfingen (about 150 ha)
  • the town of Schaffhausen below the famous round fortress of Munot with the villages of Thayngen, Dörflingen, Bibern
  • the Oberklettgau with the villages of Siblingen, Löhningen, Schleitheim, Beringen
  • Stein-am-Rhein, close to the mediaeval town
  • Buchberg and Rüdlingen which are on the banks of the Rhine in the South of the canton
The vineyards of Schaffhausen are probably the ones that get the least of rain in Eastern Switzerland. The climate is northerly and the proximity of the Rhine also influences the weather.
The vineyards have mostly molasses-type soils.
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