Vineyards and wines in the canton of Thurgau
The vineyards and their regions
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The vineyards and their regions  
Very beautiful vineyard of 250 ha divided into 5 viticultural regions:
  • the Lauchental, south of Frauenfeld, is the smallest vineyard of the canton
  • the valley of the Thur with two sub-regions: the Upper and Lower valley of the Thur
  • the Seebachtal covering the villages of Dettighofen, Nussbaumen, Hüttwilen and Herden
  • the banks of the Rhine near Schlattingen and Diessenhofen
  • the Untersee and the Island of Reichenau with the villages of Ermatingen, Steckborn and Salenstein
Despite its northern position, the canton of Thurgau has the benefit of micro-climates due to the presence of the Lake Constance and the Rhine.
The soils are mostly of moraine origin and with a schist structure.
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