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The vineyards and their regions  
The 3878 ha of the vineyards are divided into 4 regions:
  • The banks of the Orbe (167 ha), Bonvillars (196 ha), the shores of the lake of Neuchâtel and Vully (48 ha)
  • The Coast from Nyon to Lausanne (2045 ha)
  • The Lavaux from Lausanne to Chillon (831 ha)
  • The Chablais from Villeneuve to Bex
Each of the regions has its own individuality. Apart from the Chablais that is already subjected to the warm foehn winds as are the neighbouring vineyards in the Valais, the other regions show the specificities related to the climate of the lake.
Due to this geographical distribution the soils of the vineyards of the Vaud are very diversified. Close to the water, the soil is sandy, whereas it is heavier in the vineyards located higher up. The Chablais is the only region that has a stony and calcareous soil.
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