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The vineyards and their regions  
With 615 ha the vineyard of Zurich is the largest one in Eastern Switzerland. It is split into four regions:
  • the two shores of Lake Zurich
  • the Limmattal
  • the Unterland which is made up of small valleys (Furttal, Wehntal, Glattal) which represent a large variety of soils and wines
  • the Weinland
The four regions are subjected each to specific microclimates. The vineyard of the Lake Zurich not only takes advantage of the lacustral climate but is also influenced by the Foehn winds in the autumn. The Limmattal has an excellent exposure to the sunshine due to the orientation of the vineyard and also takes advantage of the Foehn winds. Both the Unterland and the Weinland show the climatic particularities of the vineyards of Eastern Switzerland, i.e. an average rather high rainfall and risks of frost in the spring and winter.
The Unterland has calcareous and molasses-type soils of moraine origin. The other regions have mainly molasses-type soils with a schist structure.
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